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Dating a girl i added on facebook

Here's why experts advise that you don't add the person you're dating on Facebook

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By Amanda Chatel Oct 3, Social media has changed not just the way we communicate, but interact with each other. Facebook, in particular, gives a glimpse into who we are, what we like, and how we respond in moments of crises. According to dating site, WhatsYourPrice.

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WhatsYourPrice, which is pretty much a dating auction where members to bid and pay for first dates with other users, surveyed over 14, of their members to see if the length and success of their last relationship was somehow correlated to how soon they friended the person they were dating on Facebook.

What it found was that 42 percent of respondents who had immediately friended someone after a first date, ended up dating that person for less than a month.

Social media isn't always great for our love lives. I mean, is this new person really going to understand all your private jokes that your other Facebook friends already know comes with the territory of knowing you?

So when should you make the jump from having something IRL to having something online?

the “rules” of facebook for dating & relationships

Many People Friend Or Follow Someone Right After The First Date According to the survey, 42 percent of respondents either friended their date or followed them on some other social media platform immediately after the first date. As in, probably just seconds after saying goodbye and parting ways.

But, despite that, 26 percent of those surveyed took this route. In contrast, 32 percent, a happy median between 42 and 26, waited at least a month or even longer, before friending or following the person they were dating.

For 25 percent of those who decided to friend someone before their first date, their relationship lasted only a month. As for those who saw something more long-term, that percentage was 18 percent.

should i add her on facebook? the definitive answer to a big mistake

For them, 42 percent of those surveyed ended up having a relationship that lasted less than a month, only 28 percent were able to manage a relationship that lasted one to six months, and as for those who were fortunate enough to celebrate a one-year anniversary or longer?

Well, that was only 12 percent.

When reviewing the decision on a K.

Of those who waited at least a month or more before they took their relationship to the social media by being friends or following each other, 48 percent of them — yes, that would be very, very close to half — ended up in a relationship that was longer than a year. Twenty-four percent found themselves in relationships that were six to 12 months, and only 18 percent of these extremely patient people ended up in relationships that were less than one month Not that there's anything to be embarrassed about, of course, because you did score SO many beads that year and those braces gave you that beautiful smile you have today.

How To Chat Up Women On Facebook (And Get A Date!)

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