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Why on a dating sites people want your email

What can someone tell from my email address?

I signed up for Gmail in doing a beta test and got my first and last name as my gmail account.

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If someone else of the same name signs up they have to use a letter or number combination at gmail. I get emails for the wrong person all of the time. Recently I have been signed up to several sex and dating websites that don't even require an email confirmation.

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I was able to unsubscribe from their lists, but I can't help feel scared that men are using my gmail address to look for women and it makes me look bad. What if the women try to contact them via email and it goes to me?

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I tried emailing abuse domain. I'm too scared to log onto the website and reset the password for each account and then have the account deleted.

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I once had to do that before, only to have them recreate the account. I can't tell if this is an accident or if it is being done on purpose?

But none of these web sites confirm the email, and anyone can type any email they want and create an account. Then I start getting email from their websites that I don't want and I had to explain to my wife that I was not me signing up for these accounts.

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So the following all route to the same address. Most systems including Apple don't recognize these as the same address.

So there is no way to stop people from using my gmail account to get on sex and dating sites? If I block one form of my address there are countless others they could use?

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I don't see how I can prevent this, and I don't want to lose my Gmail account because I have bank accounts and other stuff tied to it.

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