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Why dating in san diego is the worst

The Worst Cities for College-Educated Women Trying to Find a Decent Date

As a woman in San Diego, dating seems to be all about how fast you give it up, or how What's the worst thing you've ever seen at a wedding?, Why dating in. As a woman in San Diego, dating seems to be all why dating in san diego is the worst about how fast you give it up, or how What's the worst thing you've ever. According to the study, San Diego is the fourth best city for singles gender the top of WalletHub's "Best and Worst Cities for Singles" list. The top spots for finding such a mystical creature are San Francisco (#1), San Jose (#2), Seattle (#3), Austin (#4) and San Diego (#5). SAN DIEGO (KGTV), How much are you willing to drop on a date, San Diego? Depends, right? A first More than 5, people were surveyed by Match for the dating analysis. But California wasn't the worst. New Yorkers.

Well, you can be if you happen to live in certain cities. According to Wallet Hubthese 10 cities rank the highest among the worst for singles: 1. North Las Vegas, Nevada 4. Jersey City, New Jersey 7. New York City, New York 8.

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 9. Glendale, California Mobile, Alabama It's incredibly easy to blame the failings of love and romance on the hook-up culture and current surplus of dating apps, but it simply comes down to a game of numbers. The dating pool has four women to every three men. Education has a lot to do with this ratio, too. In34 percent more women than men graduated from American colleges.

Bythe US Department of Education predicts this number will reach 47 percent. The Washington Post reports the hook-up culture tends to intensify in college environments, where there are more females than males.

However, in colleges where there are more men than women, traditional relationships are pursued. Women are also very unlikely to date men who haven't graduated from college. An academic study backs up this statement by finding well-educated people are increasingly marrying other well-educated people, while those with less education are choosing partners with the same level of education.


This, in turn, is also causing a big inequality of income, since in theory, those with better education make more money. The point is this: If you are a straight male who is college-educated, you have your pick of the cream of the crop when it comes to dating.

You are scarce, and you are wanted. For the rest of you, hope is not lost. You will not be forever alone.

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There are plenty of places you can go to find love, but you just might have to move. The Washington Post reports the best cities for dating, based on college graduates between the ages of 22 and 29, are the following: For Women 1.

San Jose, California men per women 2. San Francisco, California men per women 3. Columbus, Ohio 93 men per women 4.

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San Diego, California 91 men per women 5. Atlanta, Georgia 90 men per women 6. Seattle, Washington 89 men per women 7. While Plains, New York 88 men per women 8. Oakland, California 87 men per women 9.

Orlando, Florida 86 men per women Fairfax, Virginia 80 men per women For Men 1. Fort Lauderdale, Florida women per men 2. Providence, Rhode Island women per men 3. Portland, Oregon women per men 4. San Bernadino, California women per men 5. Houston, Texas women per men 6.

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Memphis, Texas women per men 7. Tampa Bay, Florida women per men 8. Minneapolis, Minnesota women per men 9. Phoenix, Arizona women per men Raleigh, North Carolina women per men.

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