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The circuit gives players the opportunity to compete against the best players from other nations.

It also provides experience of international competition, as a junior player transitions into a career in professional tennis. Players are eligible to compete on the ITF World Tennis Tour Juniors in the year they turn 13 years of age, if they have reached their 13th birthday on or before the online dating sites for juniors of the Singles Main Draw of the tournament they are competing in, until the end of the year in which the player turns 18 years of age.

Are there different standards of tournaments? Tournament grades range from Grade A, which is the highest category and includes the four Grand Slam junior tournaments, to Gradeswith Grade 5 being the lowest category.

Players starting out on the circuit should already be performing at a very high online dating sites for juniors in national tournaments. Ideally, the player should have experience of international competition, having already participated in tournaments organised by their regional association for example Tennis Europe before participating on the ITF World Tennis Tour Juniors.

We recommend that a new player considers Grade 4 and 5 tournaments to begin with. Is there a way of measuring the strength of particular tournaments other than grade? We recommend that players use the Cut Offs document as a guide.

Online dating sites for juniors, itf world tennis tour juniors faqs

This information can be used by players as a guide when organising a schedule of tournaments to enter via the IPIN online service. The Cut Offs document is available here. Registration is available here: www. It is also the online portal where players need to enter and withdraw from ITF tournaments.

Players can also find the junior circuit regulations via their IPIN accounts as well as stay up to online dating sites for juniors with ranking information and their code of conduct violations. We refer you to the IPIN FAQs Please note it is important that you keep your registered email address up to date as all communication regarding tournament entries, withdrawals and code of conduct are sent to this account.

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Each player has a unique IPIN number and this will remain the same throughout their playing career. How do I enter tournaments? Within the calendar tab, the player will be able to select a date range in order to see all tournaments in that specific week. It is possible to select up to three tournaments in the same week. Is there an alternative method of entering a tournament?

All entries must be submitted online through the IPIN online service, only in exceptional circumstances will a completed and signed Official Entry form be accepted.

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The Official Entry form must be sent via email to juniors itftennis. It must be received prior to the Entry Deadline. The Official Entry Form can be found here. Can I enter more than one tournament a week? If no priority is stated, the ITF will assign a priority based on the timing of the entries.

Is there an Entry Deadline? Grade A tournaments and their warm-up events have an entry deadline at hrs GMT on the Tuesday either forty-one 41thirty-four 34 or twenty-seven 27 days prior to the Monday of the tournament week.

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What happens if I miss the Entry Deadline? Late entries cannot be accepted. A player is still eligible to sign in for the Qualifying event as an On-Site Alternate.

There is no guarantee of acceptance as an On-Site Alternate. A player may also request a Wild Card from the Tournament Director. There is no online dating sites for juniors of receipt of a Wild Card. Can I play more than one tournament a week? No, only one tournament per week is permitted.

Please refer to Article II. The tournament I want to enter is not available for entry in IPIN, but other tournaments in the same week are. Each tournament must submit a fact sheet to the ITF at least 10 weeks in advance of the tournament start date.

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When are the Acceptance Lists published? What are the criteria for acceptance into ITF Junior tournaments? What rankings are used for acceptance into tournaments? Once an Acceptance List has been published, it will not be updated with subsequent ranking changes.

Is my national ranking considered? National rankings will be used to order unranked players from the same nation that enter the tournament. If you have any queries regarding your eligibility to appear on this list, please contact your National Association. How many Acceptance Lists for tournaments in the same week can I appear on?

A player may enter three 3 tournaments in one week and can appear on up to three 3 Acceptance Lists. The lists will update as players withdraw from the tournament. All withdrawals must be made via your IPIN account. What happens at the Withdrawal Deadline? If a player has equal status in more than one online dating sites for juniors, the tournament entry Priority Number that the player assigned to each entry will be used to decide which tournament the player will play.

It is our strong recommendation that a player is proactive and makes this decision themselves, prior to the Withdrawal Deadline.

Important to Know

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After the Withdrawal Deadline, can I change tournament? Once the Withdrawal Deadline passes, you are committed to one tournament and you are unable to change this. In some circumstances it is possible to accept a Wild Card into another tournament, if you move from Qualifying to Main Draw, or if it is for a higher Grade tournament.

Please see the Code of Conduct section on page 9 of this document for more information on penalties.

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Alternates do not need to withdraw. What is a Late Withdrawal? A Late Withdrawal is any official withdrawal made after the Withdrawal Deadline. Will I be penalised for a Late Withdrawal? The first three Late Withdrawals in a calendar year will not be penalised.

All further Late Withdrawals will result in a penalty. Will I be penalised with a Late Withdrawal penalty if i withdraw late due to medical reasons? If you have used all three late withdrawal amnesties you will be penalised. Do I need to submit a medical form to withdraw from a tournament? I have a long term injury and have withdrawn late from a series of tournaments in a row.

Will I be penalised for all of these Late Withdrawals? If a player withdraws late from more than 2 consecutive tournaments, these can also be combined on junior. The player must submit medical documentation covering the dates of all tournaments.

If this is one of the first three Late Withdrawals that calendar year, there is no online dating sites for. If the player has already made three Late Withdrawals, the first Late Withdrawal in the sequence will be penalised.

Advancement by virtue of walkover, or by retirement following the commencement of a match, will be equivalent to winning a round. An abandoned tournament counts as a tournament played if the player had not withdrawn before the decision to abandon was taken.

When are the rankings published? What ranking is used for seeding purposes? I have a long term injury. A player that commits an offence will receive a penalty, in the form of Suspension Points. The player will receive email notification of any suspension points given. Where can I see my Code of Conduct status? Can I make an appeal if I believe an error has been made? How many Suspension Points can a player accumulate?

At the end of the suspension, the 10 Suspension Points will be cancelled. Please refer to Appendix D, X.

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Do I lose ranking points if I get Suspension Points? Ranking points are separate to Suspension Points. We do not deduct Ranking Points as a penalty. However, please note that there are some offences that mean a player is ineligible to receive Ranking Points from the tournament where the offence occurred.

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