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Laws about california attorney dating client

Attorney-Client Sex: A Bad Idea That’s Also Unethical

The California Supreme Court's action brings the state's ethics rules by the lawyer's responsibilities to or relationship with another client. California's prior rule was criticized for being under-enforced because it left Moreover, the attorney-client relationship is a fiduciary one. that attorneys who practice in the areas of criminal law and domestic relations have a.

What are your office hours? Office hours are am to pm, Monday through Friday, excluding all Court holidays. Does your office provide legal services in languages other than English?

At this time no, the law office does not provide legal services in languages other than English. If you require translation or interpretation, you must make your own independent arrangements to provide your own translator or interpreter for any communications you may wish to have with the law office and attorney.

How do I know if I want to hire Assly Sayyar to handle my legal issue? For a more detailed determination, a potential client can contact the office directly to set up an initial consultation at which time Assly Sayyar herself will personally review the issues in question with a potential client to determine if the potential client wishes to retain this firm. The client is the person or legal entity such as a corporation or limited liability company, for law about california attorney dating client who has the legal issue or case who is seeking or in need of legal services or advice.

The client will be specified by law about california attorney dating client in the written agreement between the attorney and the client. The client is not necessarily the person who pays the attorney. The attorney owes certain legal duties to the client or potential client only. What type of cases does the law office handle?

Please review the Legal Services section of this website for a detailed list of the cases and matters that the attorney handles. Within the practice areas that we do handle, if a matter requires more specialized knowledge or experience that this law office cannot or will not provide, the attorney will inform you of this when the issue arises so you can seek additional, associate, or replacement counsel.

Criminal defense attorney Neil Shouse explains “attorney-client privilege”, the law that makes lawyer communications private. Under California Evidence Code, a lawyer and a client do not have to disclose their protected conversations. A lot of women would like to date with you. Join for free!SafetyReal profilesMatch datingQuick registration.

What type of cases generally does the law office not handle? The law office generally does not provide legal services in the areas of family law, intellectual property or criminal law. The law office does not generally provide legal services outside of the San Diego County, California or Clark County, Nevada areas without detailed discussion with the potential client first.

Where is Assly Sayyar licensed to practice? Attorney Assly Sayyar is licensed to practice in the states of Nevada and California. What is the attorney client relationship? This is the relationship that is formed law about california attorney dating client a client retains or hires an attorney to provide the client with legal services.

The scope of the relationship is set forth in detail in the written agreement that will be signed by the client and the attorney also known as the retainer agreement.

safekeeping funds & property of clients

Once that relationship is created, the attorney owes the client certain duties at law including but not limited to the duty of confidentiality and the law about california attorney dating client of loyalty. The attorney client relationship can be terminated pursuant to the terms of the written agreement between the attorney and law about california attorney dating client and as permitted by law.

What is a conflict of interest and how can it affect me? A conflict of interest is defined by law for each state. For example, Client A is a long time or past client of the Attorney. The Attorney has either a conflict of interest or a potential conflict of interest depending on the specific factual circumstances. In the event of a potential conflict of interest, the Attorney will abide by the notice and other disclosure requirements set by law before determining if the Attorney can continue or begin representation.

Once a potential or actual conflict exists the Attorney is bound to abide by the ethical and legal requirements resolving the same. What other resources are out there to locate potential attorneys for hire?

California Rules of Professional Conduct for Lawyers - The Law Offices of Andy I. Chen

How do I contact the law office to set up an initial consultation? Consultations may be set up by contacting the law firm telephonically during business hours or leaving a message after hours for a call back the following business day.

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Consultations may also be set up by email. A reply email or follow up phone call will be made during which time an initial consultation date and time will be set. Are datings client in person or telephonic? Generally, unless special arrangements are made, the first portion of any initial consultation is telephonic with the attorney calling the potential client at a phone number at a set date and time.

Additional necessary communications or follow up as may be necessary can occur telephonically, in person or via email as may be arranged between the attorney and the potential client. Does the law office provide free initial consultations? The law office does not provide free initial consultations for four key reasons.

First, in business and real estate matters some initial document review is frequently necessary for the potential client and the law office to mutually determine if the case can or should be taken in the first place. Document review is also frequently critical in determining what options a potential client has to resolve their legal issue.

Third, as no free datings client are provided, a potential client is not limited to X amount of attorney minutes but has the freedom to talk and discuss the matter with Assly Sayyar at length before making the critical decision of whether to retain the attorney or not. Fourth, the attorney must take the time to ensure no conflicts of interest exist that would prevent Assly Sayyar or her Of Counsel from representing the potential client and for the potential client and the attorney to come to mutually agreeable terms of payment and retainer.

It is for these reasons that consultations are not offered for free but for the flat fee price to be set based on the nature of the legal issue. This initial consultation fee must be paid at or before the consultation between the attorney and potential client. The cost of the initial consultation will be set on a case by case basis depending on the nature of the issue at the time the initial consultation is calendared.

What sort of information should I provide or will I be expected to provide when scheduling my initial consultation?

You will be expected to provide your name, address, phone number, facsimile number, and email address, if you have them. If you are a representative of an entity or a family member or friend of the actual person with the legal problem, case or issue, we will need to know that at the time of scheduling to preliminarily check for conflicts of interest.

If you are representing someone who is the actual potential client or speak for an entity we will also require the name, address, phone number, facsimile number, and email address of the actual potential client or entity. You will be asked to provide some brief information regarding your legal issue to verify that it is in fact a case that the law office will consider taking.

Please note that staff of the law office are not attorneys and cannot and will not give legal advice. You may be faxed or emailed a copy of a credit card authorization if you wish to pay the consultation fee via credit card and your meeting with the attorney is not in person.

This form must be sent back to the law office on or before the date and time of your initial consultation. If you are not provided with the form at the time of scheduling, arrangements will be made to obtain your credit card information telephonically at the time the attorney makes the initial consultation phone call.

If there are relevant documents involved in the matter, you may be asked to fax or email them law about california attorney dating client to the attorney so that she has them before her to review during your law about california attorney dating client conversation. Please note that the attorney will not review documents before the consultation unless you plan to pay the consultation fee at the time of scheduling the consultation.

What can I expect to happen during my initial consultation? Unless other arrangements are made at the time of attorney scheduling, your initial consultation will begin with attorney Assly Sayyar contacting you via telephone at the set date and time to discuss your case or legal issue. Your issues will be discussed. You can expect the attorney to ask questions and for copies of relevant documents. You can ask the attorney questions as well.

You can expect to be asked what your goals are.

You can expect a frank discussion about your legal issue or dispute with the attorney. If the attorney requires more information, additional research, review of documentation or a follow up meeting either telephonically or in person, such matters will be arranged during the initial call.

If requested, a retainer agreement outlining the fee plan chosen may be prepared and sent to you for review. A general summary of potential payment options is set forth in this FAQ. However, each case is unique and the attorney will determine based on the legal services a potential client needs what type of fee arrangement is possible.

What if I miss my initial consultation meeting or call? If you miss your initial consultation telephone conference, and you can call back in the next 15 laws about california attorney dating client from the date and time originally scheduled the attorney will likely still be able to take your call. However if you call back later than 15 minutes from your scheduled time there is no guarantee that the attorney will still have sufficient time to address your issue in full or at all due to court and other appointments.

In such an event, your consultation law about california attorney dating client have to be rescheduled to when the attorney is next available. If you are running late for an initial consultation in person meeting, the attorney will still see you but the time she may be able to spend with you may be limited in time due to other appointments on her calendar. If you miss an in person consultation meeting, you must contact the office via telephone to reschedule.

What type of payment forms does the law office accept? How can I make a payment?

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The law office accepts checks, U. The law office does not accept debit cards. If you are paying by credit card other than in person at the physical location of the office, a credit card authorization will need to be faxed or emailed to you, filled out and returned before the law office can run the card. If you wish to pay in person, you can arrange to come by the office during normal business hours.

You can also mail a payment to the office address. If the credit card is from a country other than the United States of America or does not primarily use U.

The Rules of Professional Conduct

Assly Sayyar, Attorney at Law is not responsible for such charges and you are instructed to check with your own credit card company before making such a transaction. If a credit card is denied or a check bounces, you will still be required to pay for laws about california attorney dating client rendered under the terms of any retainer fee agreement.

If a credit card is denied or a check bounces when paying for an initial consultation, the consultation will not begin unless and until payment is made and may have to be rescheduled if necessary. What are the typical rates of payment for legal services? The law office generally offers two types of payment arrangements depending on the services requested by the potential client. Please note, the information below is general in nature and is not a representation or a guarantee that these are the specific terms the attorney will offer a potential client.

Each client who retains the law about california attorney dating client will receive a written agreement which sets out more specifically and particularly the exact payment arrangements between the attorney and client. Not all cases or legal matters can be paid by one or the other payment arrangements. First, the law office offers Flat Fees for certain unbundled services.

For these services rather than charging by the hour, the attorney and potential client will agree to a fixed price for the service which is nonrefundable once substantial work has begun and will have a limited scope of representation.

The flat fee price will generally cover all attorney client communication and work as specifically agreed in writing. Some flat fee unbundled services will include hard costs or related filing fees or vendor costs, some will not. It will depend on the written agreement reached between the attorney and client.

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The attorney will not perform any services outside the flat fee unbundled service agreement without written agreement from the client. Flat Fee rates vary depending on the size of the job and are tailor made on a case by case basis depending on the complexity of the work involved. Actual flat fee rates will be by attorney discretion.

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