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Dating sites with just a pic

Hilarious images of singles looking for love on Russian dating site

Here are the photos you should use on your online dating profile

Why do guys use photos with fish on Tinder? I wanted to learn more about this dating trend.

I tested out six different online dating profile pictures - can you guess which one got me a date? - dating sites with just a pic

I was vegan for eight months, vegetarian for a few more, and now, I'm a pescatarian, so I usually swipe left when I encounter a Fish Man. I don't understand why they think they'll get matches by showing off the dead fish. Maybe it's a strategy to attract another person who loves catching aquatic creatures? I'm not exactly without bias here, I know.

With just dating pic sites

And for the uninitiated, yes, this is a phenomenon — there's a whole Tumblr called Men With Huge Cods. I took to Tinder, changed my settings to only men, made the age range it's usuallyand cranked up that maximum distance all the way up to miles from my apartment in Manhattan. Bring on the Fish Men, I thought.

But the closest body of water to me is the murky East River. I had trouble finding the Fish Men.

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I knew they existed, as I've encountered them plenty of times before. Where were they hiding? Was it a seasonal phenomenon, occurring in the warmer months when people are more likely to be out fishing?

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Or were the lack of Fish Men due to the area — maybe fewer men in New York City enjoyed fishing, perhaps? Luckily, I had some travels planned: first, the suburbs of Philadelphia, and next, South Florida. The dating sites with just a pic I left the city and opened Tinder, boom: Fish Men. Keep in mind, I swiped right on every single Fish Man I saw, and there are many more than my teeny sample size. This guy attributed his fish picture, in which he stands on a boat, holding out his catch, to being one of his favorite photos of himself.

He adds that he loves fishing and it would be "cool to have someone [to] share those experiences with. I replied that he was holding one in a picture.


He continues, "The reason it's on mine is I go fly fishing every day. A poet reading his work onstage? Another guy says he would "prefer not to be part of the fish [picture] stereotype," and holds a fish nearly bigger than him in one of his photos.

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Yes, he is not like other boys. He actually knows how to fish. I don't mean to stereotype, but I wonder if cis-het men tend to take fewer photos of themselves than other groups — so when they go to make dating app profiles, they have fewer photos to choose from.

They do have photos of their fishing adventures, because they're proud of their results. And maybe that explains all the fish photos.

Or maybe they just like the pictures and that's it. So, while this is no scientific method of determining the exact motivations of Fish Men and their photo selection, I can conclude from this small study that some men just And then take photos of their fish.

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