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Dating katie san andreas

Dating katie san andreas

For Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on the PlayStation 2, a GameFAQs Where do you have to take Katie Zahn when you drive her around to make her happy?? at SF)and then always take her date on the dinner place(drinks icon)which is. Going to Katie's home in Juniper Hollow, San Fierro between PM () and AM () will result in a date request. 4. "San Andreas" contains six girlfriends for CJ to date: Denise, Helena, Michelle, Katie, Barbara and Millie. Dating each girl offers different advantages that begin.

Locations She can initially be found at the northeast corner of Avispa Country Club at the south end of the city, practicing martial arts behind some bushes.

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For location, Katie likes the Gant Bridge that is just north of her home. Barbara can be found in the town of El Quebrados, which in the northwest part of the map Las Venturas island.

*** PART II OF II *** This is a video demonstration of a dating mission with Katie Zhan, one of six girlfriends that Carl Johnson dates in the video game.

Bhaumik If you want to change your skills or progress you have made just go to your my document folder then to Grand theft auto san andreas user files then open STATs. The camera will follow Michelle in the car in cinematic mode as normal, but after a few seconds the date will fail probably because Michelle got too far away from youand the camera will stay stuck where it is.

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Millie likes the World of Coq in Las Venturas, southwest of her house. Let it go completely empty and the date will fail.

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I also wish I'd known that there was a code to speed up time, because it makes testing some things a lot easier especially with the girl never home problem. There are six different girls to date, and each one has their own benefits and rewards to offer.

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For this date, Michelle wants to drive. This car will be available at almost all the time during Game Play.

Katie will give the player the keys to her white Romero. I'm not going to list all of the oyster locations in this guide, since there are already guide and maps that do a better job of that than I'd be able to. Look for a patch of pine trees in the corner of the golf course facing a street.

GTA San Andreas - Freundin: Katie Zhan (100%)

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